My experience with Mary-Alice Coleman

Posted by Carolyn
I appreciate the very client friendly values that Mary Alice provides. She is thorough in all she does and before taking any action clearly thinks through all ramifications. This was my first time working with an attorney and I had an excellent experience.”

Assistance and Help

Posted by a Employment client

Mary-Alice Coleman and her entire team is a wonderful group to work with especially in the worst of times. Each are experts in their field, all personable, and will guide you through the process, recommending best options. Going through a process of job termination and seeking fairness and an exit strategy is not an easy one. Mary-Alice Coleman helped when I was very stressed, and could not easily make decisions. She was also knowledgeable of my employer (University of California Davis), and knew who exactly to talk to (their attorney) and what could be expected. She also did this on a timely basis, and attempted to minimize her firms cost to me. I am very appreciative.”

An powerful advocate who will positively represent your interests

Posted by a Employment client

MAC is an extremely effective negotiator who aided my way through a difficult employment situation. She adroitly assessed my predicament and charted a course which enabled a quick resolution and met my needs.”

Absolutely Extraordinary!

Posted by a Employment client

I came to Mary-Alice Coleman with an employment issue and I have to say that she not only understood the legal implications of my case inside and out, but was also able to convey the complex nature of these issues to me in a way that I knew exactly what I was dealing with. She is not only brilliant but was also very easy to work with. She kept me appraised of each step taken, always consulted with me prior to making a move and dealt with me in a kind, understanding and supportive way. On top of it, she is a powerhouse. Once we came to an agreement about the direction I wanted to go, she was absolutely relentless – and successful I might add – at going head on with the opposing counsel. If you need an attorney, look no further. Mary-Alice Coleman gets the job done like no other!!! It truly was a pleasure working with her.”

Helped me resolve a matter with my former employer

Posted by a Employment client

Mary-Alice Coleman helped me successfully resolve a challenge I had with my former employer when it became clear I was being singled out and retaliated against for pointing out some less-than-ethical business practices. That, together with some other important factors, convinced me that it was time to leave that company.

By going toe-to-toe with their high priced lawyers she was able to secure a severance package that was three times more than I had originally been offered plus an extended, paid leave of absence and a clean break from a company I could no longer work for in good faith.

I appreciate the work her firm did for me and care and concern they showed for my situation. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation at work.”